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    Updated: 2013-12-09

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  • Hi, I'm Sara and I ♥ to cook. Wanna come eat with me? Let's cook (and eat) our way through Mexico and Italy! What's more, you can decorate the dishes we make together any way you like—just make sure you take a pic of it before digging in.

    Here's what we'll do in my vacation cooking class:

    ♥ Try out 12 tasty recipes from Italy and Mexico
    ♥ Follow my instructions and handy hints
    ♥ Stir like a champ, chop like a pro, drizzle like a celeb chef!
    ♥ Work your way up to a 3-star rating
    ♥ Take the fun offline—use the recipes in your real-life kitchen!

    ♥ Complete challenges to earn points for a shiny gold ribbon
    ♥ Discover new cultures
    ♥ Decorate dishes exactly how you want

    ♥ Hours of parent-approved entertainment
    ♥ Kid-friendly interface designed to build motor coordination, imagination, and curiosity
    ♥ Cute, super-polished graphics
    ♥ Game available in 11 languages: US English, UK English, French, Portuguese, Swedish, Italian, German, Dutch, Latin-American Spanish, Polish, and Russian

    Check out Sara's website: http://sarascookingclass.com/
    Like Sara on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/sarascookingclass

    Please note: This game is free to play, but it contains items that can be purchased for real money. You can lock out the ability to purchase in-app content by adjusting your device settings.

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  • Welcome to Sara's kitchen: a playful foodie paradise for kids! Learn to bake and cook with different ingredients and tools and master tasty recipes from around the world! Come play with your food—and discover how delish it is to be the chef!...
  • Offered By: Spil Games
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  • Size: 76M

    Updated: 2013-09-05

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  • What's Sara's Cooking Class :Welcome to Sara's kitchen: a playful foodie paradise for kids! Learn to bake and cook with over 200 different ingredients and tools and master tasty recipes from around the world! Come play with your food—and...
  • Offered By: Spil Games
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  • Size: 597k

    Updated: 2015-01-22

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    OS: 2.3

  • Let's help Sara our expert in the kitchen to prepare this delicious French recipe, follow the step by step instructions, you must select the tools and plant and then make cuts and mixes, then you can cook and go joining the ingredients to achieve the...
  • Size: 14M

    Updated: 2015-03-15

    Version: 6.1.1

    OS: 2.3

  • For today we decided to prepare something sweet , namely tasty cakes . And so we can prepare this recipe , we need a few ingredients such as sugar , salt , flour , butter , sugar burned colorful decoration, oil , vanilla extract and eggs. Add all to cart...
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  • Size: 46M

    Updated: 2015-02-25

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  • Cook delicious meals and desserts from all over the world in this FREE addictive time-management game! With a choice of 8 unique locations, from Desserts and Fast Food to Oyster Bar and Oriental Restaurant, you will be able to practice your skills in a...
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  • Size: 13M

    Updated: 2014-11-21

    Version: 1.0.3

    OS: 2.3

  • Making yummy fajitas in a Mexican style is great fun for any chef and with this cooking game you can easily create the perfect fajitas that will have mouths watering. Here you can create the perfect fajitas by preparing your ingredients and slicing the...
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  • Size: 5.3M

    Updated: 2014-10-20

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  • The quickest way to get the best and top cooking games in the Android market in just ONE App Right Now!Cooking Games is an application that combines the best cooking games online in every category and flavor you could ever imagine such as restaurant...
  • Size: 15M

    Updated: 2014-05-13

    Version: 1

    OS: 2.2

  • Cooking games for kids, delicious sushi to do together!Provide you with free cooking recipes, so you are ready to use different ingredients, follow the prompts to complete the step by step. Beautiful sister is excellent culinary masters, can make a...
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  • Size: 49M

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  • Cook up 6 levels of culinary chaos in this FREE version of Cooking Dash! With over 20 million downloads to date, Dash is one of the biggest mobile gaming franchises ever! * “Whatever you’re doing, if you have time to kill and a lightning rod focus,...

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